10 Reasons to Buy Handmade Products

10 Reasons to Buy Handmade Products

10 Reasons to Buy Handmade Products Jacobs Boutique xo

The spotlight has really shon on Handmade Product businesses over the last year or so, and with lockdown in the UK people were drawn more to handmade businesses than to larger retail comparisons. Many handmade businesses thrived through the beginning of 2020, and it was great to see the handmade community at the forefront of people’s minds. WE all know that buying handmade is often also supporting local business and local economy, so that in itself should be one driving factor for you to change your buying habits.

I personally love handmade products. I love things that are different and more meaningful than your run of the mill hamper or gift. Owning a handmade product business can be a tough gig, there are ups and down however what most business owners/makers have in common is their passion, resilience and desire to make the very best products for their customers.

For some however, purchasing from a handmade business can be a scary process. You may not feel you trust the brand yet, you may feel uncertain about returns policies and reluctant to invest in a product without knowing someone who has received the product before. It’s a huge commitment, and I think often this is overlooked. I have been buying handmade products for years now, and even though I also run a handmade product business myself I still to this day, get nervous buying from someone new. I do have some tips that will help you make that purchase and buy that thing you love even if you are hesitant, read Tips on How to Trust a Handmade Product Brand Here But first, if your unsure what all the hype is about buying handmade, check out my reasons by buying handmade below.

My 10 reasons why you should buy handmade products

  1.  Handmade Products are often sustainable and organic

Handmade businesses do not usually have the expensive overheads and employment costs of larger business. This means that not only can they usually afford to be more sustainable and thoughtful about providing an eco-friendly service but they also care. Every little helps, and most small businesses will try to use organic materials, bio-degradable packaging and in general try to reduce any waste

2. There’s usually a HUGE Why or Story Behind the brand/ maker

Not many start a handmade business just because they felt like it. I mean that’s part of it right, but small handmade business owners usually have a huge emotional connection to their business, and their why. Many handmade small business owners are female, and mothers or aspire to be mothers. Running a successful handmade business not only allows them to generate in income from what they enjoy, It also gives them more time to spend with their children, flexible childcare costs and still pay the bills.

3. What you’re buying is usually unique

We all love a unique product, I mean I’m a sucker for something unusual and alternative, and often I’ll pay a lot more for something that I feel is different and cannot be bought on the high street or from fast fashion/product brands. Buying handmade can be expensive yes, but your paying for a product that will make you feel good. Weather it be the perfect wardrobe staple OR plant pop that your snake plant has been looking for all its life. There really is something for everyone in the handmade community

4. You’re buying directly from the maker

There is no middleman/men. You are handing your hard-earned cash over to someone who is also working hard to make a living. You are paying the maker directly to make your product with love, care and passion. For me this is one of my favourite reasons. You may follow a brands journey on social media, and finally decide to purchase a product and then feel special because that person has made YOU something! May sound silly but I just love it.

5. It Genuinely makes a small business owners’ day

Never underestimate how happy a small business owner will be when they hear their Shopify Etsy or other PINGGG when they receive a sale. Weather that person sells hundreds of products a day or a few a week believe me when I say they will be ecstatic when they receive your order. Do you think River Island or Next feel the same way when an online order is received? Naaa, they don’t high-five the mirror every time someone purchases, but handmade small business owners will 😉 (Speaking from experience… Surely, I’m not the only one)

6. What you buy will always be on trend

Okay, so this is a biggie! You may not realise this, but makers of handmade products are forever researching, learning and listening to what’s on trend. They will always be selling something that’s “in fashion” or “a hot topic” because this is what helps then drive sales and followers to social media. You will receive something that is in demand, and you will feel so good when you receive it!

7. You can often customise products

Who doesn’t love a unique gift weather it be for yourself, your children OR for a family member or friend. Nothing makes a gift more special than it being handmade and personalised. Many handmade business owners will offer some kind of personalisation or customisation with your purchase, weather it be custom clothing measurements, names printed onto products or colour and size customisation. If you don’t see that you can personalise something that your favourite brand is selling, just ask them. They don’t bite, not in my experience anyway!  They may not offer it but it doesn’t hurt asking, and you may be offering them an idea that they had not thought there was a market for!

8. You are supporting a dream

Every penny that a handmade small business receives from sales is a penny closer to them achieving something. There are endless dreams and goals that a small business owner could have, whether it be for financial freedom, to pay off a mortgage reinvest into their business you are making their dream come true.

9.You can engage with the maker

Don’t know about you but I have many fan girl moments when a small business owner engages with me, likes my comment or replies to a comment! It makes me feel good when I buy their product, post a photo and they acknowledge it. But guess what, the maker also feels the same way about you!! Yes, that’s right, they love it when you post photos, stories, reviews, emails anything really for feedback. The world of small business owners can be very lonely, and often filled with a little self-doubt. So, shout from the roof tops about how much you love your product when you receive it because most of the time the maker will engage with you

10. Stand out from the crowd.

Your purchase will make you stand out from the crowd. If its an item of clothing you will 100% Get people asking, “Oh, where is that jumper from?”, if it’s a planter at home you will get visitors ask, “That’s usual, where is it from?” Again, the nerd in me just loves it when someone notices that what I have purchased is unusual and unique. I almost self-nod, as if to say “Great purchase Rhi, girl done good…” Again, I’m not the only one right!?


So, If you were unsure what the hype was around handmade products at the beginning, I hope you have a rough idea now about why so many people love handmade small businesses. These 10 reasons aren’t enough really to explain why I love handmade. But they capture the main reasons and the way in which I feel when I purchase handmade products.

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Rhiannon xo


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