Upcycled Christmas Stocking

Upcycled Christmas Stocking

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Upcycled Explained…

What is it?

So, we LOVE upcycled items here at Jacobs Boutique, the can be Old/New or otherwise! It is basically an item of your clothing/ your partners clothing that can be magically turned into a romper or Jumper or possibly leggings.

How does it work?

Firstly, before purchasing, please contact me to discuss this as not all items can be made into rompers and size/fabric will impact this ability. We need a conversation to discuss whether the item you have or the item you would like to buy will work. If all goes well I will give you an address to post your item to (postage will have to be covered by yourself) and once received I will then contact you so you can complete the purchase here on the website. When you post can you please include a note with you Instagram name if you have one, if not your email address & full name. Please expect an email or DM from me within a few days of posting. You don’t have to, but it would be good to email me or DM me on Instagram once you have posted so I can expect your item 😊

How Much is it?

£10 per item, no change dependant on size

What size do we go up to?

4-5 However, some items simply won’t make anything that large – usually items are limited to 18-24 maybe 2-3 in long rompers. Short Rompers are more flexible with size as they don’t require the length of a long romper. Again please check as I can usually tell by size. You can also have a go at putting the top up against your little one – taking into consideration the motif on the top (if there is one) and roughly see if you think it would work. If you have an all over pattern I can also make leggings which are also popular & Skirts, Snoods etc. Please scroll through the pics to see what kind of things we have done for customers in the past.

What size tees are best?

So Generally, I would say a MENS Medium or Large. Purely because women’s tops tend to be short. If you’re looking at a women’s tee, then an oversized style tee would be more appropriate (again do a rough check against the height of your little one). Mends vests also work. If there is a Motif on the front of the tee also bare this in mind, as if the motif is too wide or too close to the collar of the tee then it won’t work (and you may lose some of the print). You can check this yourself by looking at the space across your little one’s chest and seeing if it looks as though the motif would fit neatly on or would it be too large? Again send me a pic I can usually tell. Also with regards to the motif proximity to the collar, if you fold the tee in half long ways (so the neckline is in half folding vertically) make sure that the motif is between 3-5 inches away from the neckline (the smaller the romper the less space required in between).  If you have something with an all over print then size generally doesn’t matter, only consider size for length but I would always say the bigger the better to give me more fabric to work with.

I appreciate that this is a little wordy and possibly confusing, so please message me on Insta @jacobsboutiquexo or email me at Jacobsboutiquexo@gmail.com for further clarification or to send me some pics of your ideas.


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