Canvas Shopper Tote Bag Draw your own Personalized Gift or Keepsake
Canvas Shopper Tote Bag Draw your own Personalized Gift or Keepsake
Canvas Shopper Tote Bag Draw your own Personalized Gift or Keepsake

Canvas Shopper Tote Bag Draw your own Personalized Gift or Keepsake

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The Perfect Christmas Gift or Keepsake!

The perfect personalised gift that has so much meaning and sentiment. Please read full description before purchasing.

Does your child ever draw a masterpiece (lets face it they are all aspiring creators when they are young) and you wish you could keep it forever!? Then this is perfect for you. This drawing Canvas Bag can be a gift or just a keepsake. They are lovely memories.

All you need to do is either send me a DM on Instagram @jacobsboutiquexo OR Email me with an image of your child's drawing. It may even be scribbles, but they are your babies scribbles and they are precious. 


- Nothing too complicated. Think about the process. the drawing is sent to me, and i have to digitalize it, print it and weed it. A drawing with too much details or small details will not show. 

- The image has to be written with dark ink on a plain white background. Please go over the writing with a marker pen to make it thicker to ensure it will be a solid design once printed. If your unsure in any way of want to chat with me please do! :) Via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook Instagram or Email! 

- I usually let Jacob draw his image, and then i will go over it and make really thin lines thicker with a sharpie!

- Please send me the IMAGE before purchasing. I will then digitalize the image for you within 24 hours (usually super quick) of sending to me. I will send the image back to you digitalized so you can see how it will look and ensure you are happy with it. 

- When you take a photo of the image, please ensure its drawn on a PLAIN WHITE background and you go over in a BLACK Sharpie or dark ink. Please try to take the brightest photo possible, any shadows on the photo can affect the way I digitalize it. Top tip - take in natural light, at day time :) However if you are too eager and want to send me an image to check it would be ok that is fine also. 

- I can rub things out when I digitalize the drawing, so if there's a bit on the image you don't want I can get rid of this 

Product Information:

- Organic Cotton

- Handles 67cms

- Capacity 10 litres

- Design will be printed on vinyl on top

- Three colours BLACK or GREY or NATURAL

- Drawing will be one colour and will be;

          - White design on black Bag

          - White design on Grey Bag

          - Black design on Natural Bag

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